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Fat as Buttering Again

Fat as Butter was on again this year on the foreshore, and I was able to get some shots once more. You can read about the gig elsewhere, so I’ll just leave a few of the more interesting shots….


1929 Indian


Chicks Who Love Guns


Marianas Trench



Hey Geronimo










Good Charlotte

Fat as Butter Photoshoot: Phat Photos Part 3

And so, Fat as Butter continued – you can find earlier shots here and here….


The next act to appear was Naughty by Nature.

They didn’t act up to their name. They were very polite, played to the crowd, mixed in a bit of Men at Work and Aussie Aussie Aussie, and wore custom T-shirts….a great show. At this point the sun was getting low, making things more interesting for me….


There’s the T-shirt….


Back to the second stage, feet getting a bit sore now….surprised that Sparkadia were not on the main stage….


And so to the first of the two headline acts on the main stage. The Living End are veterans and they knew how to please Novocastrians, by launching their set with Prisoner of Society….


The final act was Empire of the Sun. Up till now I had never seen this live; I just thought the tunes were mildly interesting on the radio. Well, after seeing a bit of the performance, I now think that Luke Steele is an eccentric genius. Combine the sophisticated groove of David Bowie, a bit of MGMT, about 8 acts from 1983, some Madonna flamboyance, and perhaps even the independent vision of Syd Barrett…

Basically what you end up with, is something very strange, but pretty cool. And very hard to photograph…the drummer was sick, but couldn’t get a decent shot of him. He’s the figure with the Viking helmet.


Crowd looks happy!

Fat as Butter Photoshoot: Phat Photos Part 2

Continuing on from Phat Photos Part 1….


British India


The Jezabels. I think we’ll be hearing a lot more about this act in future….


Watching the Jezabels, I missed The Herd, but as yet, I have not perfected the art of being in two places at once…..and then point Flo Rider was cancelled (he had missed his connection)… a DJ was put on the main stage to keep things flowing…..


….and I went and checked out Jonathan Boulet.


Next on was Funkoars.


This enthralling series continues in Part Trois