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Sydney Opera House

A rare day off for me – so I took the opportunity to improve my architectural photography chops at a very popular location – Sydney Opera House. You really can’t go wrong at a place such as this – no matter how photographed it is.

It was Good Friday, so there were people everywhere…but hardly anything open.

Where people were in the picture I used a Hoya neutral density filter so as to blur the teeming crowd out somewhat…it’s a bit ironic that the relatively stationary folk are the ones who add movement and dynamism to these compositions.




Nobbys Breakwall After the Storm

With so many storms and rain this July in Newcastle, finally Sunday dawned with a hint of blue sky. I decided to take a stroll along Nobbys Breakwall to get some shots – the seas were still big, so it promised to be interesting.

Nobbys Breakwall was built in the 1850’s to improve the entrance to Newcastle Harbour and make the passage into the harbour safer for vessels. It extends for about 800 metres from the headland. The breakwall was built from rock quarried from the top of Nobbys Headland, which was named by Captain Cook as he passed by in 1770. Today, the harbour signal station and lighthouse sits atop the flattened top of the headland. At its base is a bunker constructed during WW2 as part of the defences for Newcastle Harbour.

Nobbys Signal Station


In this view you can see a bulk carrier which has just exited the harbour. It’s low in the water, being chock full of coal. (Incidentally, Newcastle coal was first discovered right under Nobbys Headland).

Ship Leaving Harbour


Every man and his dog was out to enjoy the sunshine and lack-of-rain.

Man and his Dog on Nobbys Breakwall

Jogger on Nobbys Breakwall


At the end of the breakwall, there was a small crowd watching the swell.

Watchers at the tip of Nobbys Breakwall

Breaking Wave on Rocks

Family Getting Splashed


I wasn’t the only person out to get a shot or two.

Photographer at Nobbys Breakwall


I waited 45 minutes for this sequence.


This shot was taken from the very northern end of Nobbys Beach, under the headland, where it abuts the breakwall.


Because of the recent storms, the swell outside the harbour was still pretty messy, This duo are about to give it a go.

Bodyboarders entering the water


And to finish, another puppy having some fun!

Dog at Nobbys Beach