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2 443 781 Bricks….

….a very rough, back of the envelope calculation, that is, of  the number of bricks in the Tighes Hill TAFE campus.


The original campus buildings were constructed in the 1940’s and 1950’s and seem almost to be a variety of English modernism, with Art Deco flourishes in things such as the metalwork, integrated flagpoles and clocktower.


The brickwork is laid in a variety of Flemish Bond; it’s now rare that masonry is laid in anything other than stretcher bond, which is most economical. There are many interesting little touches such as the chamfered window reveals seen here.


The trades building is rather interesting in its planning. The various trade workshops are arranged radially from a central curved administration hub. There’s a real contrast between front and back of house.


There’s a real contrast, too, between the TAFE campus and what you can see on the opposite side of Throsby Creek!

Christ Church Cathedral

Christ Church Cathedral was finally completed in 1979, but the foundations were laid in 1884….the building replacing an earlier church that was erected 1817. I took a few shots of this building – for $3 you get a key to the tower roof. Best view in Newcastle, but I didn’t have my camera at the time…..


View of the nave. This is a ‘High Dynamic Range’ image, that simultaneously captures very bright and very dark tones, much like the human eye.


Tower and north transept.


South elevation.


North elevation.


There’s a few very sad-looking gravestones at the eastern edge of Cathedral Park.