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The tunnel under Shortland Esplanade, that leads to Newcastle Beach.




There seemed to be a fancy dress party going on at Rustica Restaurant, in Newcastle.

The Photography Exhibition

Today I was sitting at the desk on behalf of Newcastle Photographic Society, at the photography exhibition at Newcastle Show.

It was pretty chilled-out, just people-watching and answering questions, but I did manage to sneak this shot in while I was doing it.

The Derelict Buildings of Hunter Street

I decided to take a trip down Hunter Street and get shots of all the derelict buildings and empty sites…….I started at Hunter Street Mall and worked westward.


The remains of the Lucky Country Hotel.


The Kensington Theatre is now an on-again, off-again nighclub.


Not really sure if this building was even ever completed.  (It’s next to the burnt-out Civic Hotel). I think the bright idea was that it would have a first floor garage, and it appears there are columns for higher stories….but for the last 15 years at least it has been vacant.



The next five shots are of the remains of the plaza that used to run between Hunter St. and King St. This has been derelict for at least 5 years, and now looks like something from the zombie apocalypse.



The Hunter St. facade of the Star Hotel complex.



This is the site of the old Empire Hotel and Bank Corner Gym…now the State Government is offering expressions of interest for redevelopment.


Just an empty little shop at Bank Corner.


Years ago this place used to be a Thai restaurant.


The S & W Miller building at the Stewart Avenue lights.