Waters and Beaches

Easter Sunday


Some footage taken on Easter Sunday 2015.

Locations are Redhead Beach, Newcastle Foreshore, Horseshoe Beach and Nobbys Beach.

Footage was taken from a Phantom 2 Vision+ drone.

Malpas Dam

Here’s a panorama taken yesterday of Malpas Dam, located just near Guyra.

Tech info: Images taken with a 10 – 24 mm lens at 10 mm, with a polarising filter. The panorama was stitched together in Photoshop CS5 using 5 separate raw images. The raw images had a mild ‘shadows & highlights’ adjustment applied to each first. The stitched image was then cropped into a clean rectangular shape. Then the panorama was finished off in Lightroom 3 with +6 on fill light & +3 on blacks to increase the dynamic range further,  a bit (+7) of clarity which increases the mid-tone contrast, a bit (+15) of vibrance which selectively increases the saturation of muted colours,  a bit of hue adjustment (+8) on yellows to make the vegetation look even more lush, and a very little bit of darkening adjustment (-2)  in the blues to make the sky and water punch even more as well.

The result is not at all subtle, but it seems to really convey the feeling of the Australian countryside at mid-summer.


Malpas Dam