Playing Around With an ND Filter

Spring feels like it’s just round the corner, so it’s good time to be out and about taking pictures around the beach.

I got a new piece of gear this morning, a 10-stop Neutral Density Filter which allows only 1/1024th the amount of natural light through the camera lens. As a result, very long exposures are required and this causes anything that moves in the image to be blurred. Handy for creating an interesting effect on the ocean…….




Bugs at Hunter Region Botanic Gardens

All shots were taken using the Canon 100mm macro lens…..









Easter Sunday


Some footage taken on Easter Sunday 2015.

Locations are Redhead Beach, Newcastle Foreshore, Horseshoe Beach and Nobbys Beach.

Footage was taken from a Phantom 2 Vision+ drone.



Nick Allbrook of Pond, formerly of Tame Impala. Taken at Fat as Butter 2012.




There seemed to be a fancy dress party going on at Rustica Restaurant, in Newcastle.

Deep Space



Just a shot of a hang glider, taken 2nd Nov 2014 at Bar Beach.

EOS 5D MkIII, 100 – 400 mm lens @ 400mm, 1/6400 s @ f5.6, ISO 6400.

Christmas Lights

I was driving through Eleebana on Friday evening and lo-and-behold, what did I see?

This house!



But don’t worry, all those carbon emissions are going to a good cause. This house is an entrant in the 2012 Santa’s Warehouse Christmas Lights Competition, and proceeds go to the Westpac Rescue Helicopter.

Nobbys near Sunset

Just a few shots taken late Monday along Nobbys Breakwall.

I was playing around with a Hoya NDX400 neutral density filter….it’s almost as dark as welding glass!


The Stone Fox @ Hamilton Station

I got a few shots of The Stone Fox last night at Hamilton Station Hotel…..these guys from Brisbane play hard rock with a few stoner / psychedelic sounds thrown in the mix as well.


Fat as Buttering Again

Fat as Butter was on again this year on the foreshore, and I was able to get some shots once more. You can read about the gig elsewhere, so I’ll just leave a few of the more interesting shots….


1929 Indian


Chicks Who Love Guns


Marianas Trench



Hey Geronimo










Good Charlotte

Winterheat in Civic Park

The third part of Winterheat 2012 was held in Civic Park tonight. What better opportunity to get some interesting shots?

The Cultural Centre-Captain Cook Fountain-City Hall axis works well at night, especially with the extra pyrotechnics. (and no Laman St. fig trees).


I tried for about an hour (without much luck) to get some decent candid people shots. It was pretty busy and hard to be inconspicuous, so most of my intended ‘candid’ shots failed, with the subject instead staring at me with a ‘why-is-he-pointing-that-camera-at-me’ face. I was going round in circles chasing shots, and eventually got fed up and instead stood in one spot and let the shots come to me.

An event like this is probably most fun for the kids.


It was cold for Newcastle, but warm enough for people to have fun with a snow machine.


As always, young kids make great subjects, especially with lighting such as this.

Golden Light in the Vineyards

Just a couple of shots taken at Pokolbin yesterday afternoon. It was one of those winter days when the air is crystal-clear, and there’s a golden light from around 2 PM until sunset.

Ferny Fernleigh Track

This was taken at Whitebridge. You can see the piers of the old bridge (the White Bridge) in front the newer one, which was built in 1971.