Laman St. Fig Trees

The Demise of the Laman Street Fig Trees: Part 4

Continuing on from here, here, and here….

On Monday 31st October an extraordinary Council meeting was scheduled to discuss the figs, but not enough Councillors turned up for a quorum!


This was taken on the steps of City Hall prior to the meeting.


By Wednesday there was a mini tent city in Civic park.


Word was the chainsaws were finally doing there work that day.


But the figs had a last-minute stay of execution. A supreme court injunction means that everything has been stopped. And we might finally get back access to our library and art gallery.

The Demise of the Laman Street Fig Trees: Part 3

Sunday 16th October…and the impasse is continuing. Since my last post on the fig trees, all that’s happened is that a bit more barricading has been erected, and Save Our Figs maintains its vigil.


I decided to document the signs and artworks that have been spontaneously appearing on the barricades. It’s rather like a community art gallery.