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The Demise of the Laman Street Fig Trees: Part 3

Sunday 16th October…and the impasse is continuing. Since my last post on the fig trees, all that’s happened is that a bit more barricading has been erected, and Save Our Figs maintains its vigil.


I decided to document the signs and artworks that have been spontaneously appearing on the barricades. It’s rather like a community art gallery.


















Christ Church Cathedral

Christ Church Cathedral was finally completed in 1979, but the foundations were laid in 1884….the building replacing an earlier church that was erected 1817. I took a few shots of this building – for $3 you get a key to the tower roof. Best view in Newcastle, but I didn’t have my camera at the time…..


View of the nave. This is a ‘High Dynamic Range’ image, that simultaneously captures very bright and very dark tones, much like the human eye.


Tower and north transept.


South elevation.


North elevation.


There’s a few very sad-looking gravestones at the eastern edge of Cathedral Park.