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Darby Street Festival 2011

The Darby Street Festival is an annual event – and this year’s festival took place last Sunday. I dropped down to see what was going on….


I arrived right on opening time, and it was clear there was going to be a big turnout.


These delicious-looking delicacies are by Coco Monde Chocolateria…..


Colourful ceramics by Ontherantan


More colour here! Cupcakes by I Do Cupcakes and More.


I thought these were really special, and the scent coming out of this stall was amazing. Leathergoods by Rust Leather!


Jewellry with an edge, from Obsessive….


Gourmet and flavoured olive oils from Pukara Estate. The lime infused olive oil was fantastic.


Some quirky T-shirts by Monster Threads….


And the band was playing Spearhead, so all was good!