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The Demise of the Laman Street Fig Trees: Part 1

Any Novocastrian must surely know about the saga of the Laman Street Fig Trees. Today, that story reached it’s climax….


Before dawn, 6 protestors chained themselves to fig trees or lightposts in Laman St, ahead of the anticipated chainsaws….


Police were on the scene early.


By 8AM, the beginning of the protest was evident.


Photographs were being taken in both directions.


At around 9AM, Police Negotiators arrived to speak to the protestors.


Maintain the Rage!


Despite OHS requirements, the police at first had no safety gear – this issue was raised by the protestors….


The rescue squad arrived with hard hats!


No protest is quite complete without a guitarist singing protest songs.


Bananas were delivered for sustenance for the protestors.


The Rescue Squad commenced removal of the protestors…


The crowd was not impressed, and just started shouting louder.


A bit of a scuffle started, with the arrival of the chainsaws….

….more pics to come….